Sushi hand rolls are a fun and delicious change from regular sushi. You can make the hand rolls in advance, or simply lay out all the ingredients on a table and let your guests create their own rolls with their favorite fillings. If you’ve never made sushi hand rolls before you might find them a bit finicky to roll at first—but we can assure you that with a little practice it becomes a lot easier. And it’s well worth the effort to get it right.

Prepared sushi rice to serve 4
10 toasted nori sheets—cut in half
7 oz (200g) sliced smoked salmon
24 cold cooked shrimp—peeled and deveined
½ cucumber—peeled, deseeded and cut into 3-inch strips
2 avocados—peeled and cut into strips
1 carrot—peeled and grated
2 scallions, green part only—cut into 3-inch pieces
Wasabi paste
Pickled ginger (gari)
Japanese soy sauce
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