Why Girls Like Bad Boys & More…….

  • Better Man in brief …
  • Girls are attracted to the unpredictability and dominance of bad boys.
  • You can employ the positive traits of bad boys to get girls without being mean.
  • Women will accept dates with Wussies because they like the attention.

Ever notice that girls seem to be attracted to jerks? Why is it that they waste their time with guys that don’t treat them right? Time and time again us good guys get pushed to the sidelines for men that are arrogant and disrespectful to their ladies. When I’m out in public I do a lot of people watching.

Because I’m currently single, I’m constantly looking at couples and how well they seem matched up. It’s amazing how many girls go for these idiot guys. I hear conversations in passing and I’m stunned when I hear them.  Some women let their guys talk down to them.  How is acting like this a turn-on for women. I really don’t get it? My sister is the same way. As strong of a personality as she has, she’s always choosing the wrong men. She picks people that tend to verbally bully her.

This all started out when she was a teenager. I first noticed her liking jerks when she got into music. The bands she liked and the rock stars she had crushes on were all guys that you knew treated women like pieces of meat. Even when she watches TV or movies, she roots for the bad guys.

I’m an average looking male with a medium build. I consider myself very friendly and outgoing. Plus I have many hobbies and interests. What makes me less interesting to women than other guys? At work I notice when the girls are sitting around the lunch table discussing men, they always talk about guys in our office that I find very arrogant.  Sometimes I feel that women mistake arrogance and cockiness for confidence.  A man who is truly confident in himself does not need to boss people around or act superior in any way.

I also think women like the games that “bad guys” seem to play. It’s more fun for them. If a guy hasn’t called them when he’s supposed to, it only makes them more interested in them. I find that if I call a girl the day after we have a date, she seems to be put off by my phone call.  She does not know what to make of it. I really think some women enjoy the chase. I have heard some women say that although they like dating “bad boys” they wouldn’t want to marry one. This statement does not make me feel any better.

Perhaps women who like bad boys didn’t have a good role model in their father. Some say that girls date men who have personalities like their own dads. Or maybe they have some underlying insecurity and feel they only deserve to be treated rotten. Maybe they find regular men to be boring and seek a more thrilling relationship. There are tons of great men out there.  I only wish that women would be open-minded to dating a nice regular guy like me.

Courtesy of  www.datingtrek.com

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