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A Word from Mr. West…

…Turn nothin’ to something now pimpin’ that’s a savior
Best things are green now pimp and get your paper
High off the ground instead of skyscraper
Cool off thinkin’ we local, come on homie, we major

…Feeling better than I ever felt before today
Like better late than never is orientation
Still we can make it better throwing all your cares away


Meet A Brother Making A Difference,Dr. Keith Leaphart…..Man Up!

Dr. Keith Leaphart was born and raised in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia and completed his public school education at Central High School. He attended Hampton University where he received a B.S. degree in Biology and was a member of Kappa Alpha Psi. Upon completing his undergraduate studies, Dr.  Leaphart returned home and worked as a teacher at  George Washington Carver High School for Engineering and Science in the Philadelphia Public Schools System.

His passion to help others led him to a career in medicine. Dr. Leaphart attended the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine earning a medical degree. While a medical student, he concurrently earned his MBA from Saint Joseph’s University. Dr. Leaphart applied this unique professional education in medical administration working directly with the CEO of Saint Christopher’s Hospital for Children. His interest in providing high quality & fiscally sound medical care led him to serve as administrative consultant to both GEMEDCO and City Avenue Medical Center.

In the belief that a more inclusive and equitable Philadelphia is possible, Dr. Leaphart founded Rainmakers, Inc., a non-profit organization committed to enhancing alliances amongst African-American professionals. The Rainmakers produce the annual Money, Power, Respect summit which encourages young people to become more entrepreneurial through mentorship and educational workshops. Dr. Leaphart also founded the recently launched “Man Up” initiative. Working through local places of worship, community centers and barbershops, Man Up is a call to restore the role and responsibility of African-American men within the community. The program provides young men with the vision and skills to be a more responsible fathers & role models for Philadelphia’s youth.

Dr. Leaphart completed his residency in physical medicine & rehabilitation at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and is a member of the American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, American Medical Association, American Osteopathic Association, Medical Society of Eastern Pennsylvania, National Black MBA Association, and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. He sits on the board of The Philadelphia Millions More Movement, Partnership for a Better Philadelphia, and RainMakers, Inc. Dr. Leaphart resides in the Overbrook Farms neighborhood of Philadelphia with his wife Lisa and newborn son Jayden.

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“Johnny Cupcakes”

GREAT Success Story of Brian Scudamore,1-800 GOT JUNK…..

Brian Scudamore started his company 1-800-GOT-JUNK? in 1989 straight out of high school with $700 and a beat-up old pick-up truck. Today they have 95 franchise partners across North America with a true national presence — they are in 47 of North America’s top 50 cities.

Scudamore was a risk-taker, but firm in his vision. “With a vision of creating the ‘FedEx’ of junk removal,” says Scudamore, “I dropped out of University with just one year left to become a fulltime JUNKMAN! Yes, my father, a liver transplant surgeon, was not impressed to say the least.” He chuckles, “He is onside now.”

Many entrepreneurs minimize their risks by outsourcing to contractors. Scudamore chose a different route.

“I hired my first employee a week after I started. I knew I needed the help. His name was David Sniderman — a good friend of mine. I really didn’t know yet how to hire so I just asked a buddy.” It may have started as a matter of simply not knowing what else to do, but it became a philosophical issue for him. “On a bigger level, I always believed in hiring people vs. contract or consultants. I felt that if I wasn’t willing to make the investment then I was questioning my own faith in the business.”

On the other hand, he’s a big believer in letting other people share some of the risk. His choice of franchising as a business model allowed him rapid growth without having to turn to outside investors or other funding sources.

“It’s the ultimate leverage model. People pay you a fee up-front to help them grow. Rather than lose control my vision by going public — I chose franchising. It’s the ultimate growth model.”

Their recipe for success has been simple. Take a fragmented business, add clean shiny trucks that act as mobile billboards, uniformed drivers, on-time service and up-front rates, and then mix in with a culture that is young, fun and completely focused on solid, healthy growth. He has managed to retain 100% ownership and bootstrapped the business solely out of cash flow — something that is very rare these days.

Although this is a simple business, they couldn’t possibly have grown this quickly without technology. Taking a low tech business and putting a high tech spin on it allowed them to rapidly distinguish themselves from their competition. All calls come into a central 1-800-GOT-JUNK? call center where they do all the booking and dispatch for their franchise partners. Franchise partners then assess all of their real time reports, schedules, customer info, etc., off of JUNKNET, their corporate intranet. This allows franchise partners to get into business quickly, and to focus solely on growth — working on the business vs. working in the business.

1-800-GOT-JUNK? will do about $32 Million in 2004 — not a bad return on a $700.00 investment! Brian’s BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is $100 million and 250 franchise partners by Dec 31st, 2006. He says confidently, “We will get there.”