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Black & White Gala // June 25th // Radisson Hotel Warwick – Grand Ballroom

Well the brothers of C&G Marketing Group are bringing you an upscale gala for all the mature,upscale patrons who yearn for a quality event.

This event will take place on the 25th of June inside the beautiful grand ballroom of the radisson hotel in rittenhouse philadelphia.

Dress Code: 
The attire is strictly limited to black and white.

Ladies: Cocktail dresses. 

Gentlemen: Wear dress pants and a nice button-down shirt

These items will “NOT” be permitted:
• Jeans
• White T-Shirts and/or Graphic Tees
• Athletic Apparel
• Flip Flops
• Uggs
• Hoodies
• Boots
• Sneakers (Unless they are business casual styled)

Music By Dream Team’s Own DJ Marty Geez 

Featured Drinks:
Chocolate martinis, white and black Russians, or mudslides.

Theme Desserts:
Chocolate and vanilla brownies, cupcakes and even cake for dessert

Advance Tickets are $20

If interested in advance tickets,please free feel to contact:

Garry Mills (267) 357-9090

Chris Woods (215) 435-0782



Probably the most widely used and known social networking site, Almost half of Facebook’s users visit it every day.[1] And some of its users spend an inordinate amount of time on Facebook, allowing the hours to while away unnoticed, the chores to go uncompleted, and even going so far as to ignore family and friends in the actual world.[2]

While “Facebook addiction” or “Facebook addiction disorder” are not medically approved terms, the reality of addictive behaviors on Facebook are a growing problem for many Facebook users, and one that therapists are seeing more frequently in their patients.[3]

If you’ve found that connecting, sharing, and learning via Facebook has taken over all avenues of communicating and learning in your life, it’s possible that you’re suffering from Facebook addiction. And relax! This article isn’t about stopping your enjoyment of Facebook; rather, the aim here is to help you identify whether you’re using Facebook in an addictive way, and help you to find more constructive ways to connect socially via Facebook

Courtesy of WikiHow

The Social Network

Also know as the Facebook movie is coming to a theater near you October 1, 2010…

Stress Reliever…..WILDWOOD,NJ……WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!