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Eminem | Lady Gaga + 8 | Kanye West “Runaway”

Eminem’s comback has been HUGE. Great performance to open the show and he walked away with Moon Men for Best Male Video (Not Afraid) and Best Hip-Hop Video (Not Afraid).

Lady Gaga walked away with 8  Moon Men last night, making her the most decorated female in MTV VMA history, including Video of the Year , Best Dance Video , Best Pop Video,  Best Female Video, and Video of the Year all for Bad Romance which was choreographed by Ms. Boom-Kat herself Lauri-Ann Gibson (MTVs Making the Band).

AND Kanye murder every performance with his debut of Runaway. Fuck Taylor Swift.


A Word from Mr. West…

…Turn nothin’ to something now pimpin’ that’s a savior
Best things are green now pimp and get your paper
High off the ground instead of skyscraper
Cool off thinkin’ we local, come on homie, we major

…Feeling better than I ever felt before today
Like better late than never is orientation
Still we can make it better throwing all your cares away

POWER Remix + John Legend’s “Wake Up” Video

Kanye West ft. Jay-Z, John Legend and Swizz Beatz

John Legend ft. The Roots, Melanie Fiona and Common


“I made it very clear at the beginning that I wasn’t really interested if it was going to be a music video,” he said. “I wanted to do something which was more like a visual accompaniment to the track, and so it didn’t really need to be any specific length and it didn’t really need to be the whole song. It needed to kind of introduce the song in a different way and a fresh way, and I came with this continuous shot with no cuts, no lip sync, and the minute, minute and a half just … seemed like the perfect amount of time to show a video portrait. -Source

In case you missed Ye’s Ustream via Twitter where he explains the video, his new album, his attitude called and being a racist, check  it here.