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Radio Personality of the Month: Jamie Foxx

Radio Personality of the Month goes to the ever talented Jamie Foxx for his Foxxhole station on Sirius Satelite Radio…Expect the unexpected every Friday at 5 pm and 9 pm ET for The Jamie Foxx Show, radio so unpredictable that only one person ever knows what’s going to happen, and he’s the one we named the channel after. Tune in for comedy and special guests from the worlds of music, sports and entertainment.

The Jamie Foxx Show
Fridays 5pm & 9pm ET
Saturdays 5pm ET
Mondays 7am

Foxxhole Live
Tuesdays 12am & Noon ET
Thursdays 2am ET
Saturdays 2am ET
Mondays 12am ET


Radio Personality of the Month: NYC Edition

The August radio personality of the month goes to HOT 97s own Angie Martinez.  Angie Martinez is the leading voice of New York radio. Her impact on the Hip Hop community comes second to none. Her daily afternoon show on HOT 97 is regarded as the most influential voice in the urban community, featuring guests from Jay-Z to Bill Clinton; Lil’ Kim to Janet Jackson.

You can tune in to “The Angie Martinez Show”  from 3 to 7pm everyday for the latest music, HOTTEST exclusives, entertainment news and interviews with today’s biggest celebrities.

Radio Personality of the Month(July)…Chantell Bowman of….

Radio Personality of the Month(June)….Mike Holla of

Hi-5 Friend……Shamara is’s radio personality of May

With quick wit and a shoot straight from the hip personality, her on air name Shamara (Ready for Battle) speaks clearly what she is like, herself.

Shamara is “THE MIDDAY PRINCESS” on Power 99 and has been with the station for just about four years. In this short time Shamara has become quite impressionable, becoming sister-girlfriend to the women and the female perspective for men, who adore her no nonsense attitude.

Shamara says the reason she choose the radio industry is because of the freedom of expression, her love for the music and most importantly for the interaction with her listeners through the music her station plays. In short, Shamara is very PASSIONATE about living the lifestyle.

Shamara is a single mother of a beautiful little woman, Imani, whom she says is the light of her life. In addition to motherhood, Shamara loves to cook, read and write poetry and short stories. She also finds time in her extremely busy schedule to donate herself to the elderly and mentoring children ages 9-18.